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Jeep Trackhawk Rear Drag Wheel Set Up

We set out to create a rear set up that would ultimately match the front OEM 5Ten wheel. This is a 18×10 Forged T6-6061 wheel weighing in at only 19.75 LBS.  Running a 305/45/18 in the rear combined with a 275/40/20 in the front will help maintain the same 29″ overall diameter.  Please note there is a 10-12 week build time on this wheel when not in stock.  Variety of color options available.  Please contact us for your custom set.

Jeep Trackhawk FI Interchiller Spacers and Blanket

This product replaces the factory gaskets with a spacer that reduces heat transfer from the heads to blower.  It also adds a better oring design gasket that dont create a boost breach that can happen on some applications.  Also comes with a thermal reflective material to keep iat1 and inlet temperatures cooler.

Jokerz Performance Jeep Trackhawk 2.4/2.7/3.0 IHI Race rebuild Series

Jokerz 2.4/2.7/3.0 ihi superchargers race rebuild series.

Is your highly modified IHI supercharger making noise. Jokerz can rebuild the supecharger to Jokerz race spec using ceramic hybrid bearings that far exceed factory ratings. Our superchargers are test spun to ensure that our work is good to go before leaving our faculity. If your looking for the baddest rebuild jokerz offer this is the one for your race application.

Please Enter Pulley Size in comments at checkout

Griptech in stock pulley 2.65/2.75/285

Hellraiser pulley sizes are only 2.72 and 2.85


Add 2 gallons of additional coolant capacity to your Jeep Trackhawk! Extremely easy install that is designed around the popular Legmaker cold air intake. We will not guarantee fitment with any other brand intakes. This unique design also allows you to keep the top cover on and still be able to refill the tank, comes with a drain kit so you can drain and ice down should you choose to at the track.  Please see video below!