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Ripatuned Wildcat V2 2.69 Pulley System W/ Hub (Jeep Trackhawk)

We are thrilled to announce the 2pc Ripatuned Wildcat V2 pulley system! ”V2” The highest quality, best looking pulleys on the market. “Wildcat V2”, the perfect size intermediate upper pulley on the market. 2.69” diameter. After years of extensive testing, this is the next step pulley. It is comparable with e70+ fuels, ms109 or equivalent race […]

Ripatuned Instigator V2 SuperCharger 3.09 Pulley Ring (Jeep Trackhawk)

We are thrilled to announce the 2pc Ripatuned Instigator V2 pulley system! “Instigator V2”, the entry level pump gas upper pulley. 3.09 diameter. Through extensive testing on the dyno and on the street/track, we have produced the perfect upper pulley which does not require an injector change on Hellcats, Redeyes, Demons and Trackhawks. The INSTIGATOR […]

Fore Innovations Jeep Trackhawk / Hellcat / Demon Fuel Rails

Fore Innovations billet fuel rails for the Cherokee Trackhawk. Machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum. Integrated mounting tabs eliminate rail tab flex under the highest intake and fuel pressures. Use with OE length injectors and/or Injector Dynamics “48mm” length configuration (Whipple 4.5L and Kenne Bell 4.7L must use Injector Dynamics “34mm” length injectors) […]