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Metco Pin Holding Tool ( Hellcat, Demon, Redeye, Trackhawk)

Pin Holding Tool For Use on 2015 & Newer Hellcat Challenger, Charger, and Trackhawk Also Demon & Redeye, with Optional Adapter    This tool is designed to facilitate the removal of the original supercharger pulley on the Hellcat.  Once the supercharger snout is off the car and on the bench, this tool slides over the […]

Ripatuned 106mm Ported Snout (Jeep Trackhawk)

Ripatuned now offers ported snout services! Our Hellcat/Trackhawk/Demon/Redeye snout porting service opens up the entrance to the blower to an enormous 106mm, while removing material where acceptable throughout the rest of the snout. All blowers are hand ported to perfection. We do not offer a snout core exchange program, as we want to take the […]

Ripatuned Wildcat V2 2.69 Pulley System (Jeep Trackhawk)

We are thrilled to announce the 2pc Ripatuned Wildcat V2 pulley system! ”V2” The highest quality, best looking pulleys on the market. “Wildcat V2”, the perfect size intermediate upper pulley on the market. 2.69” diameter. After years of extensive testing, this is the next step pulley. It is comparable with e70+ fuels, ms109 or equivalent race […]