Performance Brake Alternatives

Demon Performance Braking System.

In this article, we will introduce the Demon Performance 2-piece rotor and Magic Pad brake solution, as well as provide insight into the benefits of upgrading the braking system of your SRT, Hellcat, and Trackhawk with these products.

The Demon Performance 2-piece rotor is a direct replacement for OE disc and requires no modifications to the car. The disc bolts directly to the car and works with OE calipers perfectly, allowing for the maintenance of factory bias and ABS efficiency. The reduction in rotational and un sprung weight allows for quicker acceleration and suspension response, improving the overall driving experience.

Design and Materials

The central hat section of the Demon Performance rotor is made from strictly U.S sourced 6061-T6 aircraft specification aluminum, while the disc is made from Demon’s own proprietary cast iron poured and machined in the USA. The rotor utilizes a curved vane design, developed in racing to act as a centrifugal pump and force cooling air through the disc.

The rotor and hat have a floating mount system that utilizes high strength alloy steel drive pins, manufactured in the USA to Demon’s own specifications and cadmium plated for long lasting corrosion resistance. These pins take the load from braking actions while maintaining the axial and radial float between the hat and disc. The pins are secured by grade 12 cap screws with hardened washers. In order to keep the rotors from making noise when cold, the pins are mounted with anti-noise spring washers on the rotors side, which allow the rotor the grow with heat expansion but eliminate the rattle and noise associated with floating rotors. The float also allows the rotor to self-center between the pads.


Once the Demon Performance brake system is in place, simply replace the cast iron rotor when needed. This not only simplifies maintenance, but it also helps reduce costs and increases overall value.

Magic Pad Brake Pad Solution

Demon’s Magic Pad brake pads are semi-metallic composition that provides less dust than the typical factory and performance pads. This means less time cleaning wheels and more time enjoying the drive. The Magic Pads also have great initial bite, something that most less expensive pads are lacking. The Magic Pads also designed to be easy on the rotors and wallet. They come with Demon’s anti-noise shields pre-installed, included in the price. We recommend replacing all the pads when switching compounds to ensure the best performance and longevity.