Ram TRX Bespoke Stainless Steel Front Grille (AWC Grilles)


Upper and lower grille consist of 2 sections, please see diagram below.  For paint matching or custom colors, we recommend ordering a RAW Grille.  

Option 1

Section 1&2 one color w/ no logo (Specify color of choice in notes)

Option 2

Section 1&2 two color combo with no logo (Specify section 1&2 color in notes)

Option 3

Section 1, 2, and Logo of choice one color (Specify color and logo in notes)

Option 4

Section 1, 2, and logo all different colors (Specify 3 colors and logo in notes)

Option 5

Section 1&2 one color with different logo color choice (Specify 2 colors in notes)

Color Options:

Gloss Black | Satin Black | Gloss Silver | Satin Silver | Gloss Red | Satin Red | Satin Red | Gloss White | Satin White

Logo Options:

No logo | TRX Center | TRX Center w/ Dino Head | TRX Center w/ Corner Dino | Corner Dino Head Only


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